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Local authority long-term plans

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Below are a series of financial tables compiled from councils’ 2006-16, 2009-19, 2012-22 and 2015-25 final long-term plans (LTPs), formerly known as long-term council community plans (LTCCPs), prepared by the Department of Internal Affairs.

Download local authority LTP financial tables

Councils' 2015-25, 2012-22, 2009-19 and 2006-16 LTP financial information is available to download as Excel pivot tables below. This format allows you to quickly filter and access specific information.

The following information is presented for local authorities in New Zealand:

  • Balance Sheet data (assets and liabilities)
  • Funding Impact Statement data (whole of council, FY 2013-22 and FY 2016-25 only)
  • Funding Impact Statement data (for five infrastructure activities, FY 2013-22 and FY 2016-25 only)
  • Statement of Financial Performance data (income and expenditure)
  • Cash Flow Statement data
  • Financial Benchmarks and Rating Units (FY 2016-25 only)

2015-25 LTP table

2012-22 LTP tables

2009-19 LTP tables

2006-16 LTP tables


While care has been used in extracting, processing and analysing councils’ LTP data, the Department of Internal Affairs is not responsible for the currency or accuracy of this information. The Department of Internal Affairs disclaims and excludes all liability for any claim, loss, demand or damages of any kind whatsoever (including for negligence) arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this information.

Notes regarding councils' LTP data

Help notes provide guidance on how the pivot table format works.

Methodology explains the data collection process including sources, coverage and accounting variability.

Further information may be provided in the table downloads themselves.

Local Government Information Series – LTP analysis

The ongoing Local Government Information Series collects and disseminates information on local government in New Zealand.

Reports focusing on final 2009-19 LTPs include:

Local Government Information Series

Local Authority Census (LAC) and LTP Survey

The LAC is an electronic survey used by Statistics New Zealand to collect information from all local authorities in order to compile New Zealand's national accounts. The results of the LAC are reported in the Local Authority Financial Statistics (LAFS), released annually by Statistics New Zealand, and may be accessed from the Local Government page on the Statistics New Zealand website.

Along with the 2009 LAC, Statistics New Zealand sent the Department of Internal Affairs' 2009-19 LTP survey to councils on 14 October 2009. This survey requested activity-level details associated with councils' 2009-19 LTP. Of the 85 councils that were sent the LTP Survey, 38 (45%) responded. The raw data collected from those councils is available for download from the Download Data resource.

Find out more about the LAFS, LTPs and LTP survey