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Auckland Council

Phone: (09) 301 0101
E-mail: online contact form
Web site:

Councillors in 2016: 20 (excluding Mayor)
Council employees in 2018 (excluding CCOs): 6,120
Phil Goff

About the Auckland Council

As of 1 November 2010, the Auckland Council became a unitary authority through the amalgamation of 1 regional council and 7 territorial authorities.

The Auckland Council has two complementary and non-hierarchical decision-making parts:

  • The governing body, consisting of a mayor elected by all Aucklanders and 20 councillors elected on a ward basis.
  • Twenty-one local boards, with members elected by the registered voters within the geographic boundaries of each local board area.

The governing body and the local boards share the decision-making responsibilities of the Auckland Council, but each has a unique focus:

  • The governing body is focused on those decisions that affect the council area as a whole.
  • The local boards are focused on decisions regarding local issues, activities and facilities.

Key financial statistics 2018

$ (in thousands)Auckland CouncilNew Zealand
Public Equity 29,331,000 123,568,227
Operating Revenue 2,306,458 9,879,372
Operating Expenditure 2,184,192 10,292,961
Capital Expenditure 697,000 4,887,998
Rates Revenue 1,715,225 5,815,327

Source: Local Authority Financial Statistics, Statistics New Zealand

The financial profile pages for this council contains more detailed information.

The Council's current long-term plan and annual report may be available from its website:

Community statistics as at the 2013 census

Usually resident population - 2013 Census 1,415,550
Usually resident population - 2006 Census 1,304,961
Change from 2006 to 2013 (All NZ: 5.3%)8.5%
Land Area km2 (not incl. inland waters or oceanic areas) - 2014 4,938
People per km2 (All NZ: 15.9)286.7
Median personal income - 2013 Census (All NZ: $28,500) 29,600

Census, Statistics New Zealand

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