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Local Government in New Zealand - Local Councils


Your Guide To Council Information On This Website

Each of New Zealand's 78 regional and territorial councils has its own section of this website.

The council names used throughout this website are as defined by the Local Government Act 2002, Schedule 2, and may not always match the business name publicly used by a council.

How to find your council's section of this website

In the 'All councils' section of this website, you can find all 78 local councils listed:

  • Alphabetically A-Z.
  • By Type.
  • By Region.

Click on the council you are interested in, and you will go to that council's section of this website, starting with its "About' page.

What's in each councils section of this website

Each council’s section is organised alike, having an ‘About’ introductory page with summary information such as contact details, Mayor, number of Councillors and key statistics.

Each council’s About page has a submenu with links to subsections of more detailed information about the council. These subsections are:

  • Election Statistics
  • Finances
  • Dog Control Statistics

What's in each subsection

Each sub-section of council information is organised alike, and described below.

  • Election Statistics – from the tri-annual local authority elections, sourced from the Local Authority Elections Statistics, The Department of Internal Affairs.
  • Finances – financial data comprising council assets and liabilities, operating revenue, operating expenditure, capital expenditure, forecast assets and liabilities, forecast operating revenue, forecast operating expenditure and forecast capital expenditure.
  • Dog Control Statistics – registered dogs and owners, the top five registered dog breeds, dog related injury claims, claim costs and prosecutions under the Dog Control Act 1996.

Information sources used

The data used to develop the council information sections have been derived from the Department of Internal Affairs, Statistics New Zealand, Council long-term plans (LTP), the National Dog Database, the Ministry of Justice and the Accident Compensation Corporation. The information has been taken as reported from these sources. In reviewing the information, readers should be mindful that the information:

  • Has only been presented in a consistent way.
  • Has not been analysed or adjusted to allow comparisons between councils to be made.

All information on this website has been licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 New Zealand License.