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Making a submission to representation reviews

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Your council's Election Statistics are found under its profile, available from:

Have your say on representation and council organisation

The Local Government Commission considers applications for changes to the structure of councils . You can have your say by making a submission during these processes. Visit the Local Government Commission website for more information.

Reviewing representation arrangements

A council is required, at least once every six years, to review its representation arrangements. It must consider -

  • Whether for city or district council, members should be elected from the whole district, wards, or from a mixture of both on an ‘at large’ basis.
  • Regional council members must be elected from constituencies.
  • The areas of wards and constituencies and their boundaries.
  • The number of members to be elected from each ward and constituency.
  • Whether there should be community boards in a city or district.
  • If there are to be community boards, the number of members of the board, the boundaries of the community and whether the area is to be divided for electoral purposes.

The process is as follows –

  • The council develops a proposal for its representation arrangements.
  • The public has one month to make a submission on the council’s proposal.
  • The council considers the submissions and makes a final decision.
  • People who made a submission may appeal against the council’s final decision.
  • If the council amends its proposal anyone may object to the council’s amended proposal.
  • Where appeals and objections have been lodged, the Local Government Commission considers the appeals and objections and makes a final determination.